Kim Lancaster, Legal Technician, helps people who need to divorce or address family law issues.  If you want to divorce peacefully, but lack sufficient funds (or the desire) to hire an attorney, consider using my services.  I help my clients make decisions about their divorces.  I draft legal documents for my clients to end marriage and provide for children.    I accompany my clients to court and present their agreed divorce orders. I help clients remain respectful toward their marital partners and negotiate intelligently.  I help my clients turn divorce into an exercise in meaningful adult change.  I build an important relationship with each of my clients, because you and your circumstance matter to me.  I understand.  I have been divorced.  I have worked in divorce for more than twenty five years in the Seattle area.  I can help you.

The good news is that I charge half what most attorneys charge.  The less-good news is that my license does not permit me to do some things.  I am not a lawyer.  I cannot formally represent you.  I can draft most of the documents needed to complete your divorce, but not all.  I can advise you on the division of your home and your retirement assets within certain limits.  I can negotiate on your behalf with your spouse or her legal counsel with written instructions from you.  I can go with you to court and answer questions directed to me by the judge.  You will find more information on what I can and cannot do as your legal technician on the "What is a Limited License Legal Technician (LLLT)" page.

I decline to assist people who wish to disparage their marital partners or use courtrooms to resolve family issues.  I will mediate for appropriate parties.  I will act as legal technician for a person who wants to behave peaceably, and believes his or her partner shares that conviction.  If your divorce proceeds by litigation (having courts decide issues), I will withdraw and refer you to an attorney or another legal technician as appropriate.

Kim’s Legal Technician Fees
I charge $200.00 an hour for legal technician work and $100.00 an hour for any clerical work I perform.  I bill in one-tenth (0.10) hour increments, with a one-tenth (0.10) hour minimum per event.  Costs are billed without markup.  Copies are $0.20 per copy.  I invoice monthly. Before I can perform any legal services for a fee, my client and I  must sign a Contract for Limited License Legal Technician (LLLT) services.