A Legal Technician, also known as a Limited License Legal Technician (LLLT) is a new kind of legal professional in Washington State.  Similar to a nurse practitioner in the medical field, a Legal Technician can provide legal services to people who cannot afford an attorney.  A Legal Technician is trained and licensed to advise and assist people going through divorce and other family law matters in Washington.

A Legal Technician can do the following (some restrictions apply):

  • Advise a client as to her rights and responsibilities in her divorce or certain other family law matters;
  • Prepare documents for a client’s divorce or certain other family law matters;
  • File and serve documents for a client; and
  • Prepare a client to represent himself in court proceedings.

A Legal Technician is prohibited from:

  • Representing more than one party in any family law matter;
  • Appearing on behalf of a client in a court proceeding, deposition or at mediation;
  • Preparing documents for a client that have not been approved by the LLLT Board;
  • Advising a client regarding the division of owned real estate, certain retirement assets, formal business entities, bankruptcy, anti-harassment orders, criminal no contact orders, anti-stalking orders, sexual assault protection orders, contested major parenting plan modifications, and certain other family law actions.